My pedagogy is based on an ability approach to all learners; A belief that all of us want to learn and can learn some of the myriad literacies at certain times and places; That education and schooling should be about learning and learners and their learning outcomes; And that it is our responsibility as teachers to reach and teach every one of our students for success, possibilities and hope.


Empowering community work necessitates a a partnership in knowledge between academia and marginalized populations in order to advance mutual understanding and respect of each other’s inherent possibilities. On the group level, learning to critically read the world and the word can direct the socially marginalized and disenfranchised toward finding their voices, revaluing their lives and awakening internal powers for shattering the imposed silence.


Here I will write about interesting things that I hear, see, think and find.
 You are welcome to respond and share.


Similar to my educational pedagogy, my art of the last years is a bricoulage of many ideas and approaches in collage form: from paper cut-outs, through digital works to multimedia collages, all express a love of color, playfullness and the impact of my travels around the world.

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