A pedagogy of learning is rooted in several ideas:

  • Every human being is able to and wants to learn (although not all the same things – i.e., school topics, at the same time – i.e., a certain age)
  • We all have different abilities, strengths, interests, passions, experiences and needs that impact what we learn;
  • Diversity across all areas should be leveraged to create an inclusive community based on mutual respect as we learn from and about each other and enrich everyone’s learning experiences;
  • It is only the individual who learns – nobody can learn for us or force us to learn (i.e., threats, punishment, low grades). Engagement and motivation to learn are intrinsic and come from the learner;
  • Learning happens best in a safe space where every learner can find success;
  • The teachers’ work is to coach and entice the learners toward engagement and self-motivation as they guide them through and support students’ own learning processes;
  • Both teachers and students are responsible for the learning and the learning outcomes.



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