The Learning Process

Teaching is really about learning so in constructing pedagogy it is crucial to focus on learning processes that are embodied in minds and embedded in environments in each and every learner.

When learners are accepted and respected in the classroom they find a safe space in which to open up to risk critical thinking and deep understanding. They also do better when different forms of expression are accepted and valued (collage, song, dance, poetry writing, film, etc.)

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pdf icon Word-slam stories as venues for stimulating learning and developing agency with urban high school students

Pedagogy should be based on solid theoretical and humanistic foundations yet flexible enough to change and adjust to the real needs of the learners in the classroom when we take upon ourselves a rethinking of school values and priorities.

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pdf icon A quest for rescripting the narrative of educational failure


YouTube-icon-full color  A pedagogy of fusion

This is a film of the Tel-Aviv School, its children and faculty and the wonderful processes that changed lives when the faculty rethought their mission and recreated a place for meaningful educational experiences for all learners.

It complements my dissertation: What does it take to learn to read? A story of a school with love.

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Reading is not about remembering. It is about how we respond to the information we read; how wide it opens our horizons and enriches our existence; where it takes us in school and in life. When we read-to-fly we don’t just exist, we become.

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Works by students in response to books and poems they have read (the old ‘book report’ is dead! Good riddance!)

Responses to reading


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