Contributing to society is a human right

A few days ago in NYC I saw a play Not By The Bread Alone presented by a  group of deaf and blind actors from the Nalaga’t Theater in Israel.

(From their site “The “Nalaga’at” Deaf-blind Acting Ensemble was founded in order to integrate deaf-blind people into the community, promote their needs and aspirations and provide them with the opportunity to express themselves and exercise one of the most basic rights – to contribute to society… The show enhances public awareness to the fact that deaf-blind people need to be accepted as equal citizens and promotes universal values of solidarity, mutual respect, tolerance and coexistence.”

The play proved so poignantly that all of us want to be part of society and culture, that everyone has abilities and insights to share, and that some of us, like these actors for example, are very courageous in their attempts to be included.

Having to confront the fact that they live in a completely dark and silent world was so disheartening, more so when considering my own life in which I take so much for granted.

The power of words is a video on a similar topic.



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