We are all experts at something

An interview with Dan Rollman in MentalFloss magazine (Dec. 2014, pg. 32-3) caught my “teaching/learning” attention and generated the warm, fuzzy feeling of “Hey, he got it and is gifting it to all of us”.

His website RecordSetter.com is “…a digital platform that allows anyone anywhere to set any world record.” Their philosopy is that “…anyone can be the world’s best at something”.

Rollman himself set the world record for “most bananas to fit into a pair of pants while wearing them” (for a while, until his record was beaten…)

Besides being a fun, imaginative and creative venue, my focus on the concept is as a platform for raising ideas about our own (and our students’) areas of expertese – where we already are and setting goals we would like to achieve.

Maybe stuffing bananas down one’s pants isn’t your goal but it can be an opening of the mind into searching for something I would like to become an expert in/on…or a design question about how best to structure the bananas in the pants to achieve a record number… a social studies quest regarding records and competative behaviors in cultures or societies (remember the Spartans in ancient Greece?)… a site for imagining possibilities and for self-empowerment.




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